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for Women, by Women

The LGBT Plus is a celebration of all things queer. What’s not to love about embracing your identity and sexuality, whether it’s out or in private. Life is about learning and growing into your truest self, and leaving behind everything that contradicts with a work, hobby play balance. Find your inspiration, women, because The LGBT Plus is here to bring LGBT+ news to the front lines.

You are you, and The LGBT Plus is here for women, by women.

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We aggregate news from around the web. Our interests align with those of all women, putting a focus on the extremely diverse and wonderful lives we lead, unhindered by stereotypes or negative tropes. Our posts only highlight the many places around the ‘net qualified to bring you amazing content, and we always encourage further reading!

Tomorrow: How to start a campus group to support LGBTQ athletes

Four athletes will talk about building LGBTQ-athlete support groups: Caroline Mattise, tennis, Monmouth Univ.; Jaden Vazquez, football, Fordham Univ.;Jaide Hinds-Clarke, basketball, Univ. of Richmond; Maggie Grossman, soccer, Fordham Univ. Four college athletes join us to share their experiences building support groups for LGBTQ student-athletes. A big part of supporting LGBTQ [...]

October 21st, 2020|LGBT News|