Just a few of the friendly faces of people in LGBTQ sports who took part in a previous Zoom video chat, including former NFL player Ryan O’Callaghan and some of your favorite people from Outsports. | Screengrab

Outsports is hosting one last Zoom video conference tonight for anyone and everyone who wants to join us in conversation, shared stories, and to feel connected. Just as we’ve done every Friday night for several months, we’re getting together again tonight for our final community chat of the summer, something that we’ve been calling… The QuaranTeam.
With August almost upon us, I’ve decided tonight will be our last one for awhile. Although they continue to be popular, I think it’s the right time to take a break; we’ll consider resuming these at a later date if there’s sufficient demand.
As before, this Zoom meeting is invitation-only and specifically dedicated to our Outsports family of fans, athletes, all of our readers and followers on social media.
We’re scheduled to begin at 6 p.m. EDT.
We’ll talk for as long as you’d like. Up to 100 people can participate, and we’re open to folks from all parts of the LGBT sports world from all around the globe! We’ve already had two out famous former NFL players, a transgender rugby player who joined us from Australia, another rugby player from Costa Rica who’s gay, a gay cricket player from Trinidad and a gay former BBC sportscaster take part from his flat in London, England.
And if you’re shy or not yet out, you do not need to activate your camera or microphone if choose not to. This Zoom meeting is a safe space.
It’s super easy to take part: all you need is any kind of mobile device, smartphone or tablet, or a laptop or desktop computer. Or you can dial in from your phone! Send an email to OutsportsZoom@gmail.com or tweet at us at @outsportsZ and tell us about yourself: your name, age, where you are, pronouns and your handle for your favorite social media platform. We’re asking for this information for screening purposes, for your online safety and for our own. If you’ve provided this information before, just email us to say hi, because the password has changed from last week for security purposes.
Look for the invitation in your inbox Friday evening prior to 6 p.m. EDT.
One more important note: You may need to download the Zoom app, so it’s wise to do that before the chat begins. It’s free.
What are we going to talk about? That’s entirely up to you. We’ve talked about what we’re doing to keep busy, how working from home is going, how parents and kids are coping, the stories that Outsports is covering, which movies and shows we’re binging. And in addition to sharing our concerns about the coronavirus, we’ve discussed our favorite MLB, NCAA, NBA, WNBA, MSL, U.S. Soccer, NHL and NWHL teams, and our hopes for the NFL season to come.
Again: start by emailing OutsportsZoom@gmail.com or tweet to @outsportsZ and tell us something about yourself: name, age, city and pronouns. Tell us how to find you on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or whichever social media platform you use most. And if you’re not a first-timer, just email us to request the new password.
Then, look for the invitation this evening prior to 6 p.m. EDT.
See you tonight!

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